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Teva Tanza Mens Sandals

from: Kona Sports

Teva Sandals: Men's Black Tanza Sport Sandals 4141

Teva 4141 Men's Black Tanza Sport Sandals have been designed to perform in water, giving you gripping tread even when surfaces are wet and unsafe. We're not saying these sandals will protect you from everything life might dish out, but we do know they'll protect you from some of it. 

The universal strapping system has three different adjustment points, so you can get a perfect fit every time. Bright yellow Teva logos add color to the black design, which is made with absorbent and anti-microbial materials. The Microban Zinc material prevents bacteria and fungus growth, odor-control that keeps these sandals smelling as fresh as they look.

The heel cup has a built in Shoc Pad, a design that combines shock-resistant polyurethane with lightweight EVA foam to cushion foot impact. The cushioning is made to transfer energy back into the feet, giving steps natural springiness and bounce.

The soles are finished with tough Spider Rubber, Teva's patented design. The rubber compound provides impact-absorbent support, long-wearing durability and high friction to give you good grip on both wet and dry floors. Teva 4141 Men's Black Tanza Sport Sandals are exactly what you need, whether you're walking across puddles or along a sandy beach.

Teva Pajaro Mens Sandals

from: Kona Sports




Teva Sandals: Men's Sola Mush Black Flip-Flop Sandals 1000080

You’re a pretty tough guy. You normally don’t let your emotions get the best of you. You can’t remember the last time you got weak in the knees, yet, somehow, the Teva Men’s 1000080 Black Mush Sola Flip-Flop Sandals have instantly turned you into mush. 

These Teva sandals might look like your standard flip-flop style sandals, but they have something regular flip-flops don’t have--Mush technology. According to the manufacturer, Mush is one of the happiest four-letter words in the English language and we have to agree. Mush (EVA foam) provides padding at every angle.

Featuring T.I.D.E. (Teva Innovative Design Elements) Grip, the foot-cradling footbed supports each step you take in these Teva flip-flops with padded comfort. The Mush footbed molds to your feet, giving you a good feel for the ground beneath you. In addition to the footbed, the Mush technology continues in the sole of these men's Teva sandals to give you incredible cushioning underfoot. 

The sturdy 3-point thong construction features a contoured topsole that gives you arch support that most flip-flops lack. These Teva sandals aren’t only incredibly comfortable, they’re quite durable. The synthetic Nubuck straps are long-lasting. 

These Teva Men’s 1000080 Mush Sola Flip-Flop Sandals are so incredibly comfortable they’ll turn your feet into mush. The only problem with these Teva sandals is that you’ll never want to take them off which can be a problem if you have a strict dress code at work.

Manufactured Sizes: 7-15

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Teva Sandals: Women's Black and Grey Tirra Open Toe Strap Sandals 4266

Like all the best women's fashions, Teva 4266 Women's Black and Grey Tirra Open Toe Strap Sandals prove that less is more. There's not a lot to these sandals, but what they've got is very important. 

The black straps have pretty purple accents, but they're not just decorative. The strap configuration is made with a feminine design, and offers up multiple adjustment options to give you a perfect fit. 

Soft EVA foam and shock-resisting polyurethane combine to create the Shoc Pad cushioning, which gently cups the heel. The Shoc Pads evenly transfer energy through the foot to give feet better bounce and spring. The system is treated with Microban Zinc, which fights odor-creating bacteria and ugly foot fungus.

The whole system rests on spider rubber, a patented design that creates a durable tread. The non-marking rubber gives feet good grip on both wet and dry floors. Teva 4266 Women's Black and Grey Tirra Open toe Strap Sandals know what's important -- looking good and feeling even better.


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