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Carolina Boots

carhart work shirts and work pants

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Carhartt Shirts: Men's Green S296 MOS Canvas Flannel-Lined Shirt-Jacket

Carhartt S296 MOS Men’s Moss Green Canvas Shirt Jackets are fleece-lined for extra warmth. 

It’s made with 9-ounce 100% cotton canvas. 

Canvas was first used for sails and seaworthy clothes, so you know it can stand up to rough weather 

and lots of rough use. 

Shirt jackets are made to fit like a shirt but to wear like a jacket.

Inside, the flannel lining is made using 4-ounce 100% cotton. 

The antique-finish brass snaps are classic additions. 

The two chest pockets are reinforced with rivets. 

For a longer work life, the main seams are triple-stitched for durability.

You probably already know that Carhartt’s outerwear is famous for its durability, comfort and fit. 

They’re tested to meet the high standards that Carhartt sets for themselves.

 The Carhartt S296 MOS Men’s Moss Green Canvas Shirt Jackets

 are prime examples of the quality and durability

 that’s built into all of Carhartt’s apparel.

Sizes Manufactured: S, M, L, XL, XXL