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These are only examples of what you might find here from time to time by clicking the image or the link below the image to visit the main category!!

dress form

Female Mannequin Torso Dress Clothes Form Style Display w/ White Tripod Stand Introductions: As to clothing store, for better displaying clothes to make it beautiful in look, a false model is quite needed! Here is our Half-Length Foam & Brushed Fabric Coating Lady Model for Clothing Display! It is made of premium foam, brushed fabric and wood materials. Thanks to its good workmanship, this clothing lady model is durable in use and can stably stand on the ground. It provides the upper part of body to act as a clothes rack. In a word, such a vivid display could help customers make a wise and right choice! Features: 1. Widely seen in clothing store, clothing display and clothing shoot 2. Top-grade materials and delicate workmanship ensure the excellent durability of this false model 3. It is a good way for displaying clothes, making it seemingly like a real model 4. Half-length style, greatly for showing clothes 5. Brushed fabric coating, touch so soft and comfortable 6. It won't occupy too much space when it stands 7. Foam material makes this model lightweight